Frequently Asked Questions


Do you handle permanent employment only?
Yes, We fill permanent job vacancies only – either new positions or replacement positions.

Is there a cost to sign up with Capital Tech Search?
There is no cost to the applicant to be represented by Capital Tech Search.

Is my resume important?
Yes. Your resume is a tool; Capital Tech Search will make suggestions if necessary.

Where are most of Capital Tech Searches jobs?
All of Capital Tech Searches jobs are in the Greater Albany NY area – approximately 2 hour radius.

Do you have to live in NY to apply?
No. Capital Tech Search will accept candidates from all over the country and clients may pay relocation.

If I send my resume to Capital Tech Search, will companies or other agencies contact me?
No, Capital Tech Search will review with you all positions matching your skill set before contacting the company. Capital Tech Search does not share or sell your information.

What will Capital Tech Search do with my information? collects personal information from users on a voluntary basis only. This information allows us to provide users with private and secure areas to post and modify their original content on our site (e.g., jobs and resumes).

We do not sell our users’ personal information, to anyone for any reason. We don’t even display it without their permission. When posting jobs and résumés, our users decide for themselves how much contact information they wish to display. (We enable private communication for those who choose to hide this information.)

All users should be aware, however, that when they voluntarily display or distribute personal information (such as their email address), that information can be collected and used by others. This may result in unsolicited messages from third parties, for which is not responsible.
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